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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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Careers Families and Friends


From providing your child with the support and facilities to keep them fit and healthy, to keeping you up to date on their progress during training and more, we take the welfare of our people very seriously. 

In safe hands 

We recognise that being in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines can be emotionally demanding. This is why we make sure our Chaplains are always on hand to provide advice, support and counselling. We also provide a Carers' Forum, which is a key way that Chaplains find out about cases that need their attention – together with the Chaplaincy coffee bars at HMS Raleigh and the Maritime Warfare School. These are both popular resources with people wanting to discuss any problems they're facing. 

We also provide a round the clock, 365 days a year, counselling service which is for families of personnel in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines. To find out more just call 0239 258 3806 or visit

Useful websites

Here are some organisations that will support and provide useful advice for families of service people.

Staying in touch

Our aim is to keep you informed of your child or spouse's progress when they first join us, give them the means to contact you when at sea and for you to phone them in case of a family urgency.

Careers advisers

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are pleased to offer your School, College, University a variety of resources to help your students acquire a wider view of adult life.