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Careers Families and Friends

Families & Careers Advisers

If your child is thinking of joining the Royal Navy – or you’re looking into the armed forces on their behalf – you’re bound to have questions. What’s life in the Royal Navy like? What are the prospects? And what will their day to day work involve?

We’re here to answer these and any other queries or concerns. But you can be sure that a life in the Royal Navy is a rewarding one – filled with adventure, possibilities and job security. And where safety comes first above all else.

Career advice

If you’re a careers adviser looking to inspire and motivate your students, our careers team regularly visits schools. But remember, our careers team also have operational commitments. So while they’ll make every effort to fit in with your plans, they might not be available on certain dates.

If you would like to arrange a session just get in touch. Let them know what you’re looking for – and our careers team can put together a programme to suit you.


The well being and safety of our recruits is our number one concern. Joining the Royal Navy or Royal Marines could be the first time your child has spent a long time away from home and we take our responsibility for their welfare very seriously.

Staying in touch

Our aim is to keep you informed of your child or spouse's progress when they first join us, give them the means to contact you when at sea and for you to phone them in case of a family urgency.

Careers advisers

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are pleased to offer your School, College, University a variety of resources to help your students acquire a wider view of adult life.


We spend a lot of time talking to parents of potential recruits, find answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

Useful websites

Here are some organisations that will support and provide useful advice for families of service people.

Naval personnel & family service

A Naval family has to cope with more pressures than most in civilian life. Separation from a spouse or partner for one reason, military action and danger for another. NPFS are on hand to help Service personnel and their families if needed.

Talk to us

Have questions about joining the Royal Navy? Or want to find out more about a role?

Give us a call on 08456 07 55 55.