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Royal Navy Rating Training

You embark on your Royal Navy adventure with ten weeks of basic training at our shore base, HMS Raleigh. You can be sure these 10 weeks will test your mind and body.

There will be exams to study for and physical challenges to tackle, but you will also have plenty of opportunities to relax and socialise with your fellow recruits.

Not many experiences can match the feeling of marching in your passing-out parade – and the sense of achievement that goes with it.

The Process

Phase 1 - basic training

Your transformation into a fully-fledged Royal Navy rating is an action-packed affair. During your 10 weeks at HMS Raleigh you’ll join a class of about 30 people from all over the world and the UK to learn all the vital skills needed to thrive in your new career. From basic ones like self discipline, teamwork and problem solving, to first aid, firefighting and handling an SA80 assault rifle.

Basic training is as realistic as it can possibly get. We use everything from decommissioned minesweepers to give you a taste of life on board, to sinking ship simulators so you can learn how to deal with emergencies at sea. Throughout all this, fitness is key. The Royal Navy training regime will increasingly test your ability to climb ropes and complete assault courses and weekend treks across Dartmoor.

But it’s not all about strength and physical skill. You’ll have to prove yourself in the classroom too. To help you excel, we make learning engaging and interactive using the latest technology.

Phase 2 - professional training

Once you’ve got the essential maritime skills, you begin the journey of becoming a Royal Navy specialist in the job you’ve chosen – a combination of being at sea and in the classroom. But this is just the start. To help you stay at the top of your game, we’ll make sure you that you can continually develop throughout your entire career, gaining qualifications that are also recognised by many civilian employers too.

Get fit to join

If you’re thinking of joining the Royal Navy you’ll need to make sure you’re in great shape – and have the strength and stamina to survive, and make the most of, basic training. To help you get ready, we’ve put together a fitness programme which will get you in the zone.