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Welcome to the sharp end of the Royal Navy. Joining the warfare branch puts you at the heart of the action – whether in times of combat or peacetime. Warfare jobs are some of the most challenging in the Royal Navy. But they’re also some of the most rewarding.

Experience the cutting edge

From combat operations and communications to environmental surveillance, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most advanced weapons and defensive systems.

Whether that’s using sophisticated radars to detect enemy aircraft. Sensitive sonars to find and clear mines. High speed satellite links to get vital information to the right people. Or even mapping sea depths, measuring the seabed and predicting the weather to help with successful amphibious landings.

Whatever you do, you’ll have an immediate impact on our combat operations. So if you’ve got the focus, resilience and the team spirit needed, take a look at the roles available below.

Case study

"They're looking for you to think on your feet and not get rattled." Admiralty Interview Board

Roles by service

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a sophisticated global operation with a fleet of highly specialised ships. We use advanced techniques that allow us to replenish and support Royal Navy warships all over the world, any time they need crucial supplies.

Submarine Service

As a Submariner you will be living and working in an extraordinary, covert environment. Where you’ll be part of a close-knit community where lives literally depend on your ability to work as part of a team, safely and with great attention to detail.

Surface Fleet

The Royal Navy's Surface Fleet is one of the world’s most impressive naval powers, made up of aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates. When you join you’ll be key to our operational effectiveness around the globe – in times of conflict or humanitarian emergency.  

Related roles

Warfare Officer (Submariner)

You’ll take your submarine through the deep oceans, close to shore or through busy shipping lanes, staying hidden but always alert.

Warfare Specialist

You’ll be part of the team detecting threats to your ship, identifying targets and making crucial tactical decisions.

Weapon Engineer Officer

As a Weapon Engineer Officer, you'll make sure your ship can effectively respond to threats during conflict.


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