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Cabinet Appointments

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Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister
Members will be aware that I have now appointed my Cabinet and in accordance with Standing Order 2.4 I wish to notify the Assembly formally of those appointments.

As First Minister I will be responsible for the exercise of functions by the Assembly Cabinet; policy development and the co-ordination of policy, Assembly Government relationships with the rest of the UK, Europe and Wales Abroad; Freedom of Information and Open Government and matters pertaining to Staffing and the Civil Service.

I have restructured the Cabinet so that for the first time we have a dedicated Minister to carry forward the Social Justice and regeneration agenda.  This job has rightly been described as the cutting edge of the new administration and Edwina Hart will take Ministerial responsibility for this policy area.  Edwina will be responsible for the Government’s programme for regenerating the communities of Wales in particular those suffering the greatest disadvantage: including Communities First, Anti-Poverty initiatives, the Social Economy, the Voluntary Sector, Community Safety and relations with the Police, the Fire Service, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Youth Justice, Housing.  Responsibility for Equality matters will also be in this portfolio.

I have appointed Sue Essex as Minister for Finance, Local Government and Public Services.  This will involve budgeting and managing the finances of the Government and the delivery of public services more generally, and local government.

I have re-appointed Jane Hutt as Minister for Health and Social Services, Jane Davidson as Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning and Andrew Davies as Minister for Economic Development, adding responsibility for Transport to this portfolio.

Responsibility for the environment and sustainable development, Town and Country Planning, Countryside and conservation issues, agriculture and rural development including forestry and food production will rest with Carwyn Jones as Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside.

I have appointed two new members to the Cabinet - Karen Sinclair will be responsible for managing the business of the Government in the Assembly; and acting as Chief Whip to the Government’s supporters in the Assembly.  Alun Pugh has been appointed Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport.

In addition, I am announcing today the appointment of three Deputy Ministers.  John Griffiths will work alongside Jane Hutt as junior Minister with specific responsibility for older people.  Brian Gibbons will assist Andrew Davies as junior Minister with specific responsibility for Transport and Huw Lewis will assist Edwina Hart as junior Minister with responsibility for Communities.