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Annual reports

Electoral statistics

Fifth Periodical Reports

Guide to the 2013 Review

Initial proposal reports


Commission meeting minutes and papers

Review Closure management report


Annual reports

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report 2011/2012

Annual Report 2010/2011

Annual Report 2009/2010

Previous annual reports are available from our archived site.

Progress reports

Progress report presented to Parliament January 2013.

Progress report  presented to Parliament January 2012.

Electoral statistics

We have published the 2011 electoral data which we are using in the 2013 Review.

You can view the electoral statistics for our initial proposals on each regional page.

View instructions for using the data.

Fifth Periodical Reports

Reports from the Fifth Periodical Review which were published in 2007, are available from the Official Documents website:

  • Volume 1 (Report)
  • Volume 2 (Appendices)
  • Volume 3 (Mapping for the London Boroughs and the Metropolitan Counties)
  • Volume 4 (Mapping for the Non-Metropolitan Counties and the Unitary Authorities)

You can also view our archived site from the Fifth Review.

A guide to the 2013 Review

Following the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act which received Royal Assent on 16 February 2011, the Commission reviewed its policies on how to conduct the 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries.

We have published A guide to the 2013 Review, which includes:

  • the legal rules for the review;
  • the process for the Review (including particularly how you can contribute to consultation on our proposals); and
  • the policies that we will apply in developing our proposals and eventually deciding on our final recommendations.

Initial proposal reports

We have published an initial proposal report and summary for each region. The initial proposal constituency maps are still available to view. You can find them on the revised proposals pages, they are listed after the revised proposals.

To view a report, select a region from the list below:

Eastern 786kb

East Midlands 591kb

London 589kb

North East 419kb

North West 729kb

South East 1mb

South West 791kb

West Midlands 620kb

Yorkshire and Humber 511kb


Initial proposal summaries


Eastern 66kb

East Midlands 66kb

London 65kb

North East 61kb

North West 66kb

South East 68kb

South West 68kb

West Midlands 68kb

Yorkshire and the Humber 66kb



Newsletter 1/2012 published on 31 January 2012 announcing arrangements for secondary consultation.

Newsletter 3/2011 published on 18 April 2011.

Newsletter 2/2011 published on 4 March 2011 announcing the start of the current Review with details of our proposal to use the electoral regions for the initial allocation of constituencies across England.

Newsletter 1/2011 published on 27 January 2011 giving an update on progress of the Parliamentary Voting System and Boundaries Bill as well as news from the Commission on the new Secretary and relocation to new offices.

Newsletter 1/2010 published on 16 June 2010 announcing a Machinery of Government change.

Commission meeting minutes and papers

The Commission met twelve times throughout the course of the 2013 Review, including twice with the political parties. You can find copies of the approved agendas, papers and minutes from those meetings below.


Meeting on 21 February 2011

Agenda 1/2011, Minutes 1/2011, Paper 1/2011 (minutes of last meeting), Paper 2/2011 (matter arising), Paper 3/2011 (PVSC Bill update), Paper 4/2011 (programme update), Paper 5/2011 (communications strategy), Paper 6/2011 (draft Newsletter), Paper 7/2011 (draft Guide to the 2013 Review), Paper 8/2011 (Assistant Commissioner selection and role), Paper 9/2011 (meeting with political parties)

Meeting on 4 April 2011

Agenda 2/2012, Minutes 2/2011, Paper 10/2011 (minutes of last meeting), Paper 11/2011 (matters arising), Paper 12/2011 (electorate figures), Paper 13/2011 (annual report), Paper 14/2011 (programme update), Paper 15/2011 (public hearings policy), Paper 16/2011 (Assistant Commissioner recruitment), Paper 17/2011 (F.O.I. policy)

Meeting with the Qualifying Political Parties on 4 April 2011

Minutes, Paper 18/2011. There was no agenda for this meeting.

Meetings held on 16-20 and 26-27 May

The Commissioners met to consider the first draft of the initial proposals for England, Paper 20/2011.

Meeting with the Qualifying Political Parties on 17 May 2011

Minutes. There was no paper nor agenda for this meeting.

Meeting on 8 June 2011

Agenda 3/2012, Minutes 3/2011, Paper 21/2011 (minutes of last meeting), Paper 22/2011 (matters arising), Paper 23/2011 (programme update), Paper 24/2011 (agreement of initial proposals, with subsequent Paper 24/2011 amendments), Paper 25/2011 (public hearings policy), Paper 26/2011 (data protection and the publication of representations), Paper 27/2011 (Guide to 2013 Review), Paper 28/2011 (Equality Act 2010 and policy)

Interim meeting on 18 July 2011

Interim meeting agenda, Minutes 18 July/2011, Paper 29/2011 (selection of Assistant Commissioners)

Meeting on 5 September 2011

Agenda 4/2011, Minutes 4/2011, Paper 30/2011 (minutes of 8 June meeting), Paper 31/2011 (minutes of 18 July interim meeting), Paper 32/2011 (matters arising), Paper 33/2011 (programme update), Paper 34/2011 (initial proposals launch arrangements), Paper 35/2011 (Assistant Commissioner inductions), Paper 36/2011 (public hearings opening statement)

Meeting on 19 December 2011

Agenda 5/2011, Minutes 5/2011, Paper 37/2011 (minutes of last meeting), Paper 38/2011 (review planning), Paper 39/2011 (programme update), Paper 40/2011 (review of communications), Paper 41/2011 (report to the Speaker), Paper 42/2011 (review of public hearings)


Meeting on 1 May 2012

Agenda 1/2012, Minutes 1/2012, Paper 1/2012 (minutes of last meeting), Paper 2/2012 (matters arising), Paper 3/2012 (programme update), Paper 4/2012 (annual report)

Meetings with Assistant Commissioners, 23 – 26 July 2012

Minutes 2/2012, Paper 5/2012 (consideration of Assistant Commissioners’ reports). There was no formal agenda for these meetings.

Meeting on 18 December 2012

Agenda 3/2012, Minutes 3/2012, Paper 6/2012 (minutes of May meeting), Paper 7/2012 (minutes of meetings with Assistant Commissioners), Paper 8/2012 (matters arising), Paper 9/2012 (evaluation of communications strategy), Paper 10/2012 (programme update), Paper 11/2012 (statutory update to the Speaker), Paper 12/2012 (final report)


Review Closure Report

Management report (PDF), drawn up following the closure of the 2013 Review, looking back at the course of that review, in order to identify lessons learned and good practice, for the benefit of those responsible for delivering future reviews.


Current number of constituencies:

Proposed number of constituencies: