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The viability of wind

As the Chair of the Office for Renewable Energy Deployment, I’ve been following with interest the recent blog posts by the Guardian and the Global Warming Policy Foundation who take opposing views on the viability of wind turbines as part of the UK’s energy mix. So what is our view at DECC? We know that […]

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Posted on: Oct 9 2012

Offshore wind needs a break

I visited an offshore wind farm last week. The trip was organised as part of an inward visit by a number of government officials from other countries, as an example of low-carbon and renewable energy technologies in the UK.  Wind power is one of those issues that tends to polarise opinion. Those in favour support a low-carbon […]

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Posted on: May 17 2012

It would be madness not to harness the wind to create clean energy and jobs

As an island nation, the UK is lucky to have some of the best wind resource in Europe –  it would be madness for us not to use this natural, secure, sustainable and free resource! We are committed to supporting the development of both off and onshore wind.  Even without emissions reduction and renewable energy […]

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