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Hotter than hoped!

We finally got round to starting what will be a lengthy process of testing and analysis of what exactly lurks down the borehole – and the main thing to report so far is that the temperature down there is even higher than we’d dared to hope. A bit of jargon for you: the rate at […]

Making a silk purse from a sow’s ear…

We had a lot of interest both in the region and from national press (Independent, BBC Radio 5 Live) about the notion of a new “Mine on Tyne”, in the very same area where our geothermal borehole was drilled: in the heart of the 24-acre ‘Science Central’ site, which will be built-out over the next […]

Bottoming out

Well that unusual red sandstone that we met about one mile down persisted – all the way to 1800m in fact.  After that the rock type changed again, and we seemed to be in an unusual mixture of strata which we suppose are some of the oldest beds from the Carboniferous period. These unusual strata proved […]

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Posted on: Aug 19 2011

The Milestone

The delicate side-tracking operation was handled brilliantly by the team from Geometric Cofor, and we’ve been drilling at full speed again for two days. We’re presently at 1675m, and hope to reach our final depth early next week, all being well. In the meantime, at 9pm on Thursday 7th of July our drill-bit finally passed […]

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Posted on: Jul 8 2011

Spear-fishing in central Newcastle

We were overwhelmed with the national (and then international) press response to our project when we decided to open the site to journalists on Monday 27th June. We knew there was plenty of interest, of course, after the terrific response to the first press day we held back in February, when the first rig was […]

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