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If not 2009, why 2015?

The phrase “the benefit of hindsight” has been ringing in my ears as I’ve been reading the reports from the close of the Durban climate negotiations late on Saturday night.  In particular, it’s been ringing in my ears as I read that we’re now aiming to get a global deal in 2015.  The question I’ve […]

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Posted on: Dec 16 2011

The tug of war over the private sector – time to stop?

Over the past few weeks, and as mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been continuing to help the DFID team in Ethiopia design an exciting new programme focused on supporting new small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, including green businesses.   So I’ve been surprised to hear that the private sector has started to become […]

Five days and Five years on Climate Change

It’s just less than five weeks until Christmas.  But it is an unusually quiet time for me.  For the last five years, this time of year has been incredibly hectic for another reason – the climate change negotiations.  This year they’ll be taking place in five days time, in Durban in South Africa. The first […]

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Posted on: Nov 23 2011

Finding common cause before COP17

In the spirit of there being an appropriate Keynes’ quote for all contemporary political problems, here’s one for COP17: “Its better to be broadly right than precisely wrong.” Put differently, critical analysis does not start from a clear-sighted definition of justice but from widely shared intuitions of injustice. This is the simple logic that runs […]

The new radicals

Whilst good progress was made in Bonn, the important question is was it good enough? There is only one answer to this question: no. The pace of progress is disappointing and in fact quite frightening. But this pace is not the result of complex technical barriers that we must wait to overcome. The current pace […]

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