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The Great Escape

Tis the season for holidaying, and much the same as every other year (excepting one, but more on that shortly) I hopped on a train to take me from London down to the South of France to spend a week with my family. Usually I catch the overnight sleeper (and did on my return journey) […]

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Posted on: Aug 29 2013

Finding common cause before COP17

In the spirit of there being an appropriate Keynes’ quote for all contemporary political problems, here’s one for COP17: “Its better to be broadly right than precisely wrong.” Put differently, critical analysis does not start from a clear-sighted definition of justice but from widely shared intuitions of injustice. This is the simple logic that runs […]

Water and climate coalition

Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge Thus croaked the ancient mariner as he stumbled around his ghost ship surrounded by the expansive ocean that could not quench his thirst. Such a powerful phrase encapsulates the desperation of a person seeking […]

The True Cost Of Energy and Climate Change Policies On Bills

Recent reports in the media have claimed that DECC’s policies to promote energy efficiency and low carbon energy are currently adding £200 to the average household energy bill. Based on a typical annual household gas bill of £608 and electricity bill of £424, it is claimed that these policies make up between £154 and £206 […]

The new radicals

Whilst good progress was made in Bonn, the important question is was it good enough? There is only one answer to this question: no. The pace of progress is disappointing and in fact quite frightening. But this pace is not the result of complex technical barriers that we must wait to overcome. The current pace […]

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