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New partnerships with old problems

There is nothing like doing something slightly different to encourage the development of new partnerships with the common desire to solve a problem. New proposals such as turning soft rush into briquettes has brought AB Systems (UK) Ltd, the Forestry Commission, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the RSPB at Dingle Marshes together to work towards […]

If only they could talk…

Managing habitats for wildlife is no easy task, although grounded by research, monitoring and science; it always feels it would be so much easier if wildlife could talk. The balance of tussocky vegetation to the finer grasses in a wet grassland site is crucial to securing breeding wading birds. For instance lapwing like a short, […]

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Posted on: Aug 5 2013

Wetland Biomass to Bioenergy Project Update

We are now approaching the end of the first phase of the DECC project with all Phase 1 reports and Phase 2 applications due on the 29th March. This information will then be used to assess the applicants to go through to Phase 2, which extends over the next 12 months concluding in March 2014. […]

Wetland biomass to bioenergy

We launched¬†our new¬†‘Wetland Biomass to Bioenergy scheme’ at the beginning of last month. For those of you not familiar with wetland management or bioenergy, this essentially means that we want encourage the use of reeds, rushes and other plant species that already harvested from UK wetlands during conservation activities, to produce energy. This is exciting […]

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Posted on: Nov 7 2012

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