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Not how they do it on Yes Minister

Three days ago, the Government of India launched their “India Energy Security Scenarios 2047″ calculator. It reflects seven hard months by a team under Mr Anil Jain at the Planning Commission. They took the UK’s 2050 Pathway Calculator and adapted it for India. In doing it they have both broken the “three articles of civil […]

My 2050 goes international

It’s always good when a project keeps on giving. My2050 is a nice example. 2 years on DECC’s simulation of how the UK can supply its energy and reduce emissions is still promoting discussion on Twitter. And we continue to use it at public events such as the Hay Festival, and recently in Liverpool to […]

How do you spell 2050 in Korean?

  It turns out exactly the same as in the UK – 2050 – thanks to the Arabic numerical system. Numbers really are a universal language. And so it seems is the idea of opening up information on future energy and emissions pathways. The UK’s 2050 Calculator has struck a chord with teams around the […]

The common problem of consensus

Last week I wrote about the launch by China of their version of DECC’s 2050 Pathways Calculator. What I didn’t mention was that the Chinese officials were so enthused that they wanted to encourage other countries to copy DECC as well. So the launch had representatives from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, […]

Some copying is great

An exciting day for me. When we published the DECC 2050 pathways calculator, it was unusual in two respects: it was a simple open source spreadsheet, and it had a web front end that allowed anyone to play with it. We made it a simple open source spreadsheet because we wanted to make it easy […]

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Posted on: Sep 18 2012

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