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Groceries market investigation

Date of referral: 09.05.06        Statutory deadline: 08.05.08

Date of remittal: 03.04.09        Statutory deadline: 05.10.09

Final report and Appendices & Glossary (Inquiry)

Date published: 30.04.08

Final report
Final report (PDF, 5.5 Mb) 
Differences between the web and printed versions of the Groceries Final report (PDF, 127 Kb) 


Appendices & Glossary
(The numbering of the appendices indicates the chapters to which they relate.)
Appendix 1.1: Terms of reference (PDF, 128 Kb) 
Appendix 1.2: Documents published on the CC website (PDF, 162 Kb) 
Appendix 2.1: Observations regarding the competition assessment of future mergers in the grocery retailing sector (PDF, 96 Kb) 
Appendix 2.2: Interests of customers in market investigations (PDF, 95 Kb) 
Appendix 3.1: Overview of UK grocery retailers (PDF, 345 Kb) 
Appendix 3.2: Drive-time and fascia count methodology (PDF, 139 Kb) 
Appendix 4.1: Findings on product and geographic market in previous CC inquiries (PDF, 78 Kb) 
Appendix 4.2: Model of consumer demand for grocery stores (PDF, 453 Kb) 
Appendix 4.3: Analysis of revenue impact of new store entry (PDF, 409 Kb) 
Appendix 4.4: Impact of local competition on grocery store profit margins (PDF, 391 Kb) 
Appendix 4.5: Analysis of the Tesco SSNIP simulation model (PDF, 264 Kb) 
Appendix 5.1: Trends in the number of convenience stores and specialist grocery stores (PDF, 219 Kb) 
Appendix 5.2: Trends in the entry and exit of convenience stores and specialist grocery stores (PDF, 172 Kb) 
Appendix 5.3: Supplier pricing analysis (PDF, 386 Kb) 
Appendix 5.4: The waterbed effect in supplier pricing (PDF, 155 Kb) 
Appendix 5.5: Grocery wholesaler profitability (PDF, 151 Kb) 
Appendix 5.6: Below-cost selling (PDF, 151 Kb) 
Appendix 6.1: Extent of highly concentrated local markets for grocery retailing in the UK (PDF, 181 Kb) 
Appendix 6.2: Grocery retailer evidence on variations in the store-level retail offer (PDF, 123 Kb) 
Appendix 6.3: Assessment of Tesco’s analysis of the link between local concentration and the store-level retail offer (PDF, 151 Kb) 
Appendix 7.1: Persistence of highly concentrated local markets for grocery retailing in the UK (PDF, 209 Kb) 
Appendix 7.2: The planning framework and grocery retailing (PDF, 147 Kb) 
Appendix 7.3: Land controlled by grocery retailers (PDF, 6.4 Mb) 
Appendix 8.1: Category management (PDF, 198 Kb) 
Appendix 9.1: Case study of retailer and supplier correspondence (PDF, 207 Kb) 
Appendix 9.2: Supplier profitability and investment in innovation (PDF, 188 Kb) 
Appendix 9.3: Milk supply chain profitability (PDF, 205 Kb) 
Appendix 9.4: Red meat supply chain profitability (PDF, 176 Kb) 
Appendix 9.5: Pig meat supply chain profitability (PDF, 146 Kb) 
Appendix 9.6: Fruit supply chain profitability (PDF, 234 Kb) 
Appendix 9.7: The supermarkets code of practice (PDF, 107 Kb) 
Appendix 9.8: Categorization of, and evidence on, supply chain practices of grocery retailers (PDF, 279 Kb) 
Appendix 9.9: Supplier complaints concerning the supply chain practices of grocery retailers (PDF, 86 Kb) 
Appendix 9.10: Own-label goods (PDF, 178 Kb) 
Appendix 11.1: Competition test to be applied to controlled landsites (PDF, 64 Kb) 
Appendix 11.2: Adaptation of SCOP clauses for the GSCOP (PDF, 77 Kb) 
Glossary (PDF, 155 Kb) 
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