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Emap plc / ABI Building Data Ltd merger inquiry

Date of referral: 01.07.04        Statutory deadline: 08.02.05

Final report and Appendices & Glossary

Date published: 26.01.05

Final report
Final report (PDF, 521 Kb) 


Appendices & Glossary
Appendix A: Terms of reference (PDF, 12 Kb) 
Appendix B: Survey evidence (PDF, 297 Kb) 
Appendix C: Products and suppliers (PDF, 133 Kb) 
Appendix D: Financial analysis (PDF, 78 Kb) 
Appendix E: Economic analysis (PDF, 155 Kb) 
Appendix F: Outline licensing proposal (PDF, 13 Kb) 
Glossary (PDF, 17 Kb) 


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