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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

Supplying to the OFT

This page is designed to help suppliers identify opportunities to sell to the OFT. It also gives an insight into how the OFT buys goods and services.

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Who we are 

Procurement activities in the OFT are carried out by Sourcing and Supplier Relations (S&SR) team. The small team is responsible for procuring a wide range of goods and services as well as contract management activities.

The team can be contacted via the Sourcing and Supplier Relations email at Or if you wish to contact us by phone please call 020 7211 8700 (option 5).

S&SR achieved CIPS Certification; i.e. the recognised global accreditation for achieving procurement excellence through an organisation's procurement and supply chain policies, procedures and strategies, in May 2010. The benefit of CIPS Accreditation:- 

  • Provide a sound warranty to our stakeholders that we know what we are doing in terms of procurement and are striving for VFM. 
  • Continuous Professional Development through CIPS has increased technical knowledge and professional expertise within S&SR.
  • For suppliers to OFT CIPS Certification also provides comfort and reassurance that we maintain high ethical standards and deploy robust, fair and transparent procurement processes.  We expect the same standards from our suppliers.

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How we buy

The OFT, in common with other central Government Authorities, is subject to European and Domestic Regulations and Directives. These govern the way in which we purchase goods, services and works. While these apply to all procurements, they are particularly important when the value of the items to be purchased is estimated to cost over EU threshold values. Where a requirement cannot be met through an existing arrangement and it falls within the remit of the EU Procurement Directive, the OFT will publish its Notices through Tenders Electronic Daily at

Lower value contracts (below the OJEU threshold) and "Part B" contracts (for goods and services not fully covered by the EU regulations) will generally appear on

We have a number of EU compliant Framework Agreements that we use to procure a large amount of what we require. Framework Agreements provide an efficient route to market and suppliers are pre-vetted which removes the need to negotiate on terms and conditions of each purchase. If our own frameworks can't meet our need then we look at other routes to market, such as those set up by Government Procurement Service or other government departments.

As consumer of goods and services, we recognise our responsibility to the environment. We also have a commitment to ethical procurement and take these issues into account (where appropriate) in our assessment of proposals

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How we contract

The OFT has three main sets of standard terms and conditions:

Where no other set of terms and conditions have been agreed, Purchase Orders raised by the OFT shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

When invited to submit a bid or quote to the OFT this invitation will be accompanied by the set of terms and conditions to be applied to that contract.

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Current opportunities

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Tender and contract documentation

The OFT's existing contracts are published under the Coalition's transparency agenda.

New Opportunities can be found on  You can also download a list of current OFT contracts.


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