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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

OFT's work

This section of the website highlights our current work on markets. It outlines some of the tools we use as part of our whole market approach to working, including enforcement and regulatory powers, market studies and consumer initiatives.

Current cases

The Current cases page lists all current OFT competition and consumer enforcement cases that are in the public domain, and all market studies that the OFT is currently conducting.

View the Current cases page

OFT's work by tool
Markets work
The OFT actively investigates markets that do not appear to be meeting the needs of consumers and publishes the results.
The OFT is responsible for reviewing merger situations, and where they may lead to a lessening of competition, refers them to the Competition Commission for further investigation.
Estate agents
This information is for people who are working as an estate agent. It tells you what you must do to meet your legal obligations.
Anti-money laundering
The Money Laundering Regulations aim to detect, deter and disrupt money laundering, and require certain categories of business to register with the OFT.
This is where you will find information on the key current policy topics within the OFT and can learn about opportunities to influence and contribute to our policy thinking.
Competition Act and cartels
Find information on the Competition Act and related investigations, decisions, consultations and case closure summaries. Find out about the OFT's work to prevent cartels and other anti-competitive behaviour by businesses.
Find details of reports published under the OFT's ongoing programme of research.
Credit licensing
Information on the OFT's credit licensing work.
Consumer protection campaigns and initiatives
The OFT, and other bodies responsible for consumer law enforcement, have powers to seek court orders against businesses who breach certain consumer protection laws.
Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (This scheme has now been closed)
This scheme allows businesses to display the 'OFT Approved Code' logo where their code of practice operates to higher standards of customer protection than the law requires.
Consumer enforcement
This section provides information about the OFT's consumer protection enforcement activities under Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002.
The OFT publishes a range of leaflets, reports, consultation papers and research findings for businesses, advisers, consumers and the professions.
We carry out consultations on topics across the whole range of our work. More information on individual consultations can be found in this section, along with the information you need to submit your response.
OFT's work by market sector
Public Markets
The OFT’s powers under competition and consumer law not only allow us to tackle anti-competitive behaviour by companies but also to address public restrictions on competition.
Consumer credit
Active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to consumer credit, including investigations and work on credit and consumer credit licences.
Find active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to the transport sector, including investigations, studies and publications.
Pharmaceutical and health
Find active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to the pharmaceutical and health sector, including care homes.
Retail and wholesale
Find active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to the retail and wholesale sector. This includes consumer contracts and gold buying companies.
Construction and property
Find active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to construction and property. Including estate agents and double glazing.
Financial and Professional Services
Find active and completed work carried out by the OFT relating to the financial sector and with professional services.
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