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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

Anti-money laundering

On 1 April 2014, the OFT's anti-money laundering powers and responsibilities pass to the Financial Conduct Authority (in respect of Consumer Credit Financial Institutions), and to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (in respect of businesses that carry on estate agency work).

The OFT will continue to supervise consumer credit financial institutions and estate agency businesses until 31 March 2014.

Money laundering is the process by which criminally obtained money or other assets (criminal property) are exchanged for money or assets with no obvious link to their criminal origins. In the hands of the thief or money launderer, the converted funds or other assets always represent criminal property. It also covers money, however come by, which is used to fund terrorism. The Money Laundering Regulations aim to detect, deter and disrupt money laundering. To comply with the Regulations, certain types of business need to register with the OFT.


Find out if the OFT supervise your business, what guidance is available, how the OFT supervises the Money Laundering regulations and find further information.

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Anti-money laundering
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Anti-money laundering public register search

You can use this register to verify that businesses supervised by the OFT are registered under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

Anti-money laundering public register search

Anti-money laundering regulations and guidance

Find an introduction to AML, find out if the OFT supervise your business, how we supervise Anti Money Laundering regulations, access the guidance that is available and access further information in this field.

Anti money laundering regulations and guidance

Anti-money laundering registration

Find guidance on whether you are required to register with the OFT, how to register, find guidance on how to complete the form, access contact details for the AML team and gain insight into the OFT's future supervisory approach. This page contains links to OFT's anti-money laundering registration form.

Anti Money Laundering Registration

Anti-money laundering supervision FAQs

The OFT has been given a role under the Regulations to supervise the anti-money laundering controls of estate agents and consumer credit financial institutions. View frequently asked questions on AML supervision.

Anti Money Laundering supervision FAQs (pdf 231kb)

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