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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

About the OFT

The OFT is the UK's consumer and competition authority. Our mission is to make markets work well for consumers. We are a non-ministerial government department established by statute in 1973.

Please note that the OFT will close on 31 March 2014 - see below for more information.

About the OFT
OFT’s work and responsibilities after 31 March 2014
As part of the Government’s reforms to the arrangements for competition, consumer protection and consumer credit regulation, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closed on 31 March 2014, and its work and responsibilities passed to a number of different bodies.
What we do
The OFT's mission is to make markets work well for consumers. Markets work well when businesses are in open, fair and vigorous competition with each other for the consumer's custom.
Legal powers
This section explains some of the powers that enable the OFT to carry out its aim of making markets work better for consumers and provides guidance to businesses on how to comply with particular legislation.
OFT structure
Understand how the OFT's structure is arranged and find information on the OFT's Board and senior staff members.
Annual plan and report
The Annual Plan sets out how we will achieve our goal. It contains our priorities and objectives following public consultation.
Frequently asked questions
Answers to the OFT's most frequently asked questions.
Working for us
The OFT offers a rewarding career with a variety of work. We offer flexible working terms and are committed to equality and diversity. The OFT has an Alumni Network that aims to bring together former colleagues.
Vacancies at the OFT
Supplying to the OFT
The aim of this guide is to give suppliers an insight into how the OFT buys goods and services. It is designed also to enable suppliers to identify potential opportunities to sell to the OFT.
Partnership working
The OFT works to achieve its aims through partnership with others, such as local authority Trading Standards Services and the Financial Services Authority.
Accessing OFT information
Find information on the OFT Freedom of Information Act publication scheme and how the OFT is bound by the principles of the Data Protection Act. Get access to environmental information held by the OFT, and understand our work towards becoming more transparent as an organisation.
Contact us
For all enquiries, guidance on the work of OFT and to report anti-competitive or other behaviour by a trader or traders, please contact the OFT Enquiries and Reporting Centre on 08457 22 44 99.
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