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EQual workshops and events

Details of past and future workshops, conference presentations and other events.

EQual workshops

17 October 2013, Belfast, Northern Ireland: interactive workshop for stakeholders to try out the prototype online QP Checker. The tool was positively received. Feedback from the session will be used to improve the tool.

22 April 2013, Utrecht, Netherlands: representatives of seven European regulatory and other bodies attended our workshop to explore end of waste approaches in different EU member states and share information from the Equal programme. Development of the definition of waste web tool was of particular interest to participants.
28 February 2013: Utrecht, Netherlands: this workshop allowed stakeholders in the Netherlands to see how the definition of waste web tool is progressing and give feedback to shape its development.

2012: we held six workshops for various groups in the UK and Netherlands during 2012.  If you would like details of these please email us:

Conferences and events

18 November 2013, Manchester, UK: presentation to the 18th European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference and Exhibition.

16 October 2013, London, UK: presentation to SNR Denton UK LLP

7-11 October 2013, Vienna, Austria: we presented three papers on aspects of the EQual programme at the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Congress. 

1-4 October 2013, Valetta, Malta: we presented EQual in a working session of the IMPEL Conference on Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Legislation, resulting in proposals for IMPEL members to work together to share knowledge and tools on end of waste. 

30 Sept - 4 October 2013, Sardinia, Italy: we presented three papers to the 14th international Waste Management and Landfill Symposium in Sardinia.

10-12 September 2013, Birmingham, UK:  we launched the prototype online QP Checker with a presentation and live demonstrations at RWM2013, the flagship annual event for resource management in the UK.

11-12 June 2103, London, UK: we attended the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) conference to provide information to delegates from the resource management profession.

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