ETSWAP - the EU ETS web portal

Access the web portal or find out about scheduled downtime and application availability.

The Emissions Trading Scheme Workflow Automated Process (ETSWAP) application is available for aircraft operators to complete and submit applications for emissions plans, verified emissions reports and change requests/variations to existing emission plans.

Application fees for emissions plans can be paid online via the application and users also have the ability to reset their own passwords.

Find out about the guidance available within the application or use one of our user guides to address a particular problem you may have.

How to access and use ETSWAP

How to gain access to the online system.


New installation operators will need to register installations new to EU ETS.  Go to ETSWAP and select 'register a new stationary installation'.

For help using ETSWAP select 'help' on the ETSWAP homepage.

We're developing guidance to help you use ETSWAP. We'll add it to the website as soon as it's available.

Aircraft operators (aviation)

In order to receive an invitation to gain access to the application, please send us an email containing:

  • Aircraft operators name
  • Aircraft operator code as specified on the Commission's list
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Telephone contact number
  • Email address

The following information will help you to use the ETSWAP application and should address any problems you may have.

Important information

If you are a ‘UK administered operator’ (i.e. are identified on the Commission list and specified on the list to be administered by the United Kingdom)  you have twelve weeks from the date the Commission list was published to either submit an application for an emissions plan to your Regulator or to notify your Regulator via ETSWAP.  An application for an emissions plan must be submitted if you have been placed on the list as a result of performing an aviation activity.

If you have yet to perform an aviation activity and do not intend to do so within 4-months of the ‘relevant date’ (the ‘relevant date’ being the last day of the 12-week period beginning with the date you became a UK administered operator) you must notify the regulator. Having notified the regulator you are required to submit a plan application within 4-months of performing your first aviation activity. If this is not possible, you should submit an application as soon as possible, but no later than six weeks after performing the aviation activity. You must also explain why you could not submit your application four months in advance.

If you need any additional information please contact our Aviation helpdesk.