Disposal facilities for solid radioactive wastes

Guidance for near-surface and geological disposal facilities for radioactive waste.


Revised regulation around the disposal radioactive waste means the nuclear industry can now dispose of some low level waste to landfill.

Near-surface and geological disposal

New near-surface disposal facilities will be needed because the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's (NDA) decommissioning programme will create large quantities of low-level radioactive waste for disposal in such facilities.

A geological disposal facility will be needed for higher activity wastes which have mostly been generated from past nuclear industry operations.

Guidance on requirements for authorisation

We have published guidance on the requirements for authorisation for prospective developers of radioactive waste disposal facilities.

Both guidance documents apply the same principles and (largely) the same detailed requirements. We expect developers or operators to interpret the requirements in a way that is proportionate to the hazard presented by the waste disposed of to the facility.

Our guidance sets high standards to help us and industry protect people’s health and deliver the best outcome for the environment.