Challenges and Choices consultation

This is the second of three consultations to help update the river basin management plans in 2015.

The consultation on river basin districts ran for six months from 22 June to 22 December 2013. The national (England’s waters) consultation ran for three months from 22 June to 22 September 2013.

The consultations sought your views on:
  • the significant issues affecting waters in river basin districts and across England
  • how you think these issues should be tackled

The consultation is now closed. You can view the consultation documents, supporting information and summary statistics on our consultation portal:

A Challenges and choices consultation response document, covering national and river basin district responses, will be published in April 2014.

River basin district consultations

More information on the river basin district consultations:

England’s waters: Challenges and choices (national)

Supporting information for the England's waters consultation:

Public dialogue on water management issues

We ran a series of workshops to find out what the public value about the water environment and the issues that impact its health: 

Updated risk assessments

The Environment Agency has updated risk assessments for use in river basin management planning. The risk assessments will be available from Datashare from February 2014:

Consultations in Wales and Scotland

There are three river basin districts that are partially or wholly in Wales or Scotland. The Environment Agency is the competent authority for the Severn and Northumbrian river basin districts. Natural Resources Wales are the competent authority for the Dee and west Wales.

The Solway Tweed River basin district is managed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA):

Water Framework Directive Maps

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