Pollution incident cost recovery

We have to recover the costs of pollution incidents.

We have a duty to investigate and clean up water pollution incidents. In order to fund this work we must recover our costs incurred by raising a charge on the operator that is responsible.

Costs to be recovered

Costs recovered include:
  • tracing source
  • assessing possible impact
  • urgent remedial/preventative work
  • materials
  • samples
  • ongoing supervisionother additional specialist costs e.g. fish restocking.

Non-rechargeable costs are:

  • any investigative work once the source of the pollution has been established e.g. follow-up visits to the incident site to check on remediation measures or to monitor the effect on controlled waters
  • any work associated with case file preparation for enforcement action.

How the charges are structured

An hourly charge rate covers the majority of the above costs. Exceptional costs (e.g. engaging specialist contractors for clean-up operations or additional sampling requirements) are charged in addition to the hourly rate.

Charges 2012/13 and 2013/14

Hourly charge: £84

There is a minimum charge of the equivalent of one hour (i.e. £84). Subsequent charges will be made in half hour increments and invoices are based on the data recorded on the National Incident Recording System (NIRS).

Further information