Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR) environmental permitting guidance

Guidance to help you complete your application and comply with the conditions of your Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR) environmental permit.

Statement on Radioactive Waste Advisors and associated guidance

Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA) are specialists in radioactive waste disposal and environmental radiation protection who have demonstrated competence in the Radioactive Waste Adviser syllabus.

There is a requirement under European law for people who keep or use radioactive material, or who accumulate or dispose of radioactive waste, to appoint advisers, known as qualified experts, to advise them on radiological protection. In the UK we call the qualified expert for radioactive waste management and environmental radiation protection a Radioactive Waste Adviser.

The environment agencies in the UK - we, alongside the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), require anyone who is permitted or authorised to accumulate or dispose of radioactive waste to appoint a Radioactive Waste Adviser. We have now set out:

  • how we will comply with our legal responsibilities relating to qualified experts as required by European legislation
  • our expectations of Radioactive Waste Advisers
  • and how a UK-wide scheme will be implemented for the recognition of Radioactive Waste Advisers

Regulatory guidance

Regulatory Guidance Notes (RGN) are our guidance on policy and legal issues to support the implementation of  the environmental permitting regulations.

The Radioactive Substances Regulation (RSR) Environmental Principles (REPs) provides a standardised framework for the assessments and judgements we make when regulating the use of radioactive substances. They provide guidance that helps underpin the decisions we make, including those about permitting and compliance where we regulate directly and where we are consultees or otherwise have influence.

RSR RGN2 provides an overview of the regulation of radioactive substances on nuclear sites, including the operation of the environmental permitting regime.

Making an application

An RSR application form must be used to apply for a new permit or to vary, transfer or surrender your permit.

Guidance on RSR environmental permits

Environmental permitting charges

Government guidance

Government has produced guidance on radioactive substances regulation (RSR) as part of environmental permitting.