Waste - our position statements

Where we stand on recycling issues, waste management and waste regulations.

Biowaste, composting and agriculture

Hazardous waste

Landfilling of wastes

Waste protocols project (WPP)

  • The environmental regulation of wood (updated July 2010) (PDF, 123KB)
    This statement advises our staff and external stakeholders on when we consider wood to be a waste, what regulatory controls should be followed and our recommendations to industry. The document deals with virgin timbers and non-virgin timbers. This updates our previous position on the environmental regulation of wood (version 1.0).

Trials of waste management activities

Exempt activities

  • The meaning of 'pursuant to' in exemptions U10 and U11 (PDF, 94KB)
    This statement is intended to clarify what types of digestate or compost can be spread to land under exemptions U10 and U11 of Schedule 3 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010. It has been drafted at the request of our external stakeholders.

  • The meaning of 'place' under the new exemptions system (PDF,90KB) 
    This position sets out what we mean by “place” under the new waste exemption system.  It deals with our interpretation of place in relation to farms, the storage of sewage sludge and linear networks. It also explains how to register a linear network. 

Contaminated land

  • Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (PDF, 140KB)
    This note sets out how we will take account of the Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice when we take our waste regulatory decisions. This updated version was published at the same time as version 2 of the code of practice.

  • Remediation position statements (PDF, 265KB)
    This sets out our regulatory position on the different technologies that can be used to remediate contaminated soil and water. It provides guidance to our staff who deal with land and water remediation and informs industry and other interested parties on how we apply risk-based regulation to the remediation of land and water contamination problems.

Mining wastes

  • Definition of Extractive Waste (PDF, 211KB)
    This sets out our interpretation of extractive waste and describes the principles we will apply in assessing whether materials arising during an extraction process are extractive waste. It only applies to England and Wales.

Other subjects