Ensuring Quality of waste-derived products to achieve resource efficiency (EQual)

EQual is an innovative demonstration programme, supported by LIFE +, that will encourage businesses to use more and better waste-derived material in new products.

Through EQual we will provide knowledge and tools to help businesses to:EQual logoLIFE+ logo

  • make the best use of resources
  • reduce the amount of waste to landfill
  • reduce the environmental impact of their business
  • reduce costs

We will do this by:

  • improving regulatory clarity and consistency
  • reducing  the burden on businesses of environmental regulation
  • increasing market confidence in the use of these materials

The main outputs of the EQual programme will be:

  • a definition of waste web tool that will help businesses to assess whether a waste derived material is a by-product, achieves end of waste criteria or remains a waste
  • a Quality Protocol (QP) checker web tool to help businesses to assess whether their recovered waste product is compliant with a QP, and therefore no longer classed as waste
  • a better understanding of the environmental performance of four waste-derived products, demonstrated through a series of field trials    

About EQual

The EQual programme aims to provide benefits for waste producers, waste management companies' end users and regulators.

Programme updates

The EQual programme runs for three and half years, from September 2011 to March 2015.


Forthcoming workshops including those we have aleady held.

Our partners

EQual is an EU LIFE+ funded programme.

It is a joint programme between the Environment Agency and six other organisations within Europe.

Contact us

If you would like more information on the EQual programme or have a query, please email or telephone us:

Tel: 0117 934 4612

Photo gallery

Photographs from the EQual programme.