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Green Shipping Simulator Game

Date published
31 March 2011

The green shipping simulator is a game developed to show the user the relationship between power, speed, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in a fun and intuitive way. Also, it shows the savings that can be made when the power is adjusted to ETA, instead of sailing 100% to the destination and anchoring to avoid arriving too early.

The speed and power relationships are based on full scale trials in 2010 on a 100m UK hopper dredger. The map and destinations are based on nautical maps. The fuel consumption and possible savings in the game are therefore realistic.

The game is aimed for deck officers and shore management of shipping companies, particularly those operated by the UK Crown estate, for which the game is developed. The game is part of the MEPF project 10/P145, and is described in the attached report 'Report P145 environmental impacts on dredger operations Ph2, ref. 24189.501-TM.pdf', which addresses carbon (and fuel) reduction measures for the existing UK hopper dredger fleet.

Please feel free to leave any comments of the game by contacting t.hasselaar@marin.nl

Enjoy the game!

Thijs Hasselaar - MARIN, the Netherlands - www.marin.nl

Open zip File below and select GreenShippingSimulator.exe to start game


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