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RPA Schemes

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RPA operates a wide range of Common Agricultural Policy schemes. Links to categories of schemes are available on the left and you can access individual schemes from the alphabetical list below. Single Payment Scheme information is available from the main menu above, wherever you are on the site.

RPA welcomes your views on how we can simplify existing regulations. Please visit for guidance on how to submit your proposals. 

Please follow this link to view a spreadsheet showing the main RPA scheme guidance booklets/ leaflets listed with the date of the next review and some general information/ links.

All new and revised guidance will comply with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Code of Practice on Guidance and Regulation.

Alphabetical index of schemes
AArable area payments

Area Payment for Nuts Scheme (APNS)

BBananas (external trade)

Beef (export refund rates)

Beef (external trade)

Beef (intervention)

Beef special premium scheme

Butter (private storage aid)

Butter (intervention)

Butter for non-profit-making organisations

CCasein in cheese making (Control of)

Casein production

Cereal (export refund rates)

Cereal (external trade)

Cereal (intervention)

Certificates of Free Sale

Citrus processing aid

Community victualling (external trade)

Concentrated butter for direct consumption

Concentrated grape must (aid for)

Cross Compliance

DDehydrated fodder

Eggs (export refund rates)

Eggs (external trade)

Energy aid payments

England rural development programme

Euro rates

External trade - All commodity advice

External trade - Multi commodity

Extensification payment scheme

FFibre processing aid

Fish carry over aid

Fish degressive rate financial compensation

Fish (external trade)

Fish flat rate aid

Fish flat rate premium

Fish (private storage aid)

Fruit (export refund rates)

Fruit (external trade)

Fruit and vegetables operational programmes and recognition

Fruit and vegetables withdrawal scheme

GGoatmeat (external trade)

Grape juice aid

HHemp (external trade)

Hill farm allowance

Hops income aid & special temporary measures

IInternal market information & promotions

Intergrated administration and control system (IACS)

Intervention statistics

LLive plants and floriculture (external trade)
MMilk and milk products (external trade)

Milk (export refund rates)

Milk quotas

NNon-food crops (production of) on set-aside land

Oils and fats (external trade)

Older Cattle Disposal Scheme

Over thirty months slaughter

PPigmeat (external trade)

Pigmeat (export refund rates)

Private Storage Aid

Poultry (external trade)

Poultry (export refund rates)

Processed goods (external trade)

Processed goods (export refund rates)

Protein Crop Premium Scheme

RRecipe registration section (external trade)

Rice (external trade)

Rice (export refund rates)

SSchool milk subsidy

Seed production (aid for)

Sheep annual premium

Sheepmeat (external trade)

Single payment scheme

Skimmed milk powder (intervention)

Skimmed milk powder for animal feed

Slaughter premium scheme

Suckler cow premium scheme


Sugar (external trade)


TThird countries information & promotions

Tobacco (external trade)

UUplands Transitional Payment
VVeal (external trade)

Vegetables (export refund rates)

Vegetables (external trade)

Vegetables (fuit and) operational programmes and recognition

Vegetables (fruit and) withdrawal scheme

WWhisky refunds (external trade)

Wine (external trade)

Page published: 17 May 2013