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Data Collection Framework - Background

EC Regulation 199/2008 (PDF 277 KB) sets out the broad requirements relating to the:

  • collection, management and use of data in the framework of multi-national programmes
  • the data management process
  • use of data collected in the framework of the Common Fisheries Policy
  • support for scientific advice.

This regulation repealed EC Regulation 1543/2000 (PDF 611 KB) with effect from 1 January 2009.

Under the regulations, member states are required to compile a wide range of biological and economic data as specified in the Commission Decisions 2008/949/EC of 6 November 2008 (PDF 824 KB) and 2010/93/EU of 18 December 2009 (PDF 1.8 MB), which sets out the requirements for 2011-13. The requirements are more extensive than previously and include:

  • biological data, including stock-related data, through a set of sampling programmes
  • fleet size and fishing activity analysed by time by segment or sub segment of the fleet, by areas fished and by stock
  • economic data relating to the aquaculture sector and fish processing industry
  • a wide range of research surveys at sea
  • data to evaluate the effects of the fisheries sector on the marine ecosystem.

In order to meet the DCF requirements, each member state is required to set out the programme of work they will undertake.

The UK’s National Correspondent for the Data Collection Framework is Matt Elliott.

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