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Quota allocations

Quota allocations are divided in proportion to the number of fixed quota allocation (FQA) units assigned to licences in each group:

  • the under 10 metre pool
  • non-sector pool
  • producer organisations

Under 10 metre pool units are not associated with vessel licences but are held as a single block by fisheries administrations. However, the amounts assigned to the non-sector and under 10 metre poosl will, if appropriate, be adjusted in line with underpinning arrangements.

Adjusted amounts are then divided up among the fisheries administrations based on:

  • percentage shares in the rules for under 10 metre vessels
  • FQAs for the non-sector
  • FQAs for the sector

Fisheries administrations are responsible for then allocating the amounts of quota provided to them by the UK Government. For more detailed information on how this is calculated please refer to section 2 of the UK quota management rules.

Allocations 2013

The spreadsheets incorporate the 26% in-year increase in all hake quotas.

Allocations 2012

The spreadsheets below show the final allocations for 2012.

Allocations 2011

The spreadsheets below show final allocations for 2011.

Allocations 2010

The spreadsheets below show final quota allocations for 2010 for whitefish and pelagic stocks (including Atlanto-Scandian Herring) in Area IV and VI, together with Faroes stocks and deep sea stocks.

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