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UK Statistics Authority assessment

The UK Statistics Authority carried out an assessment in early 2011 of the fisheries statistics we produce. Created by the Statistics and Registration Services Act 2007, the UK Statistics Authority is empowered to determine and assess compliance with a Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The final report of the assessment and letter of confirmation as national statistics is available from the UK Statistics Authority's website – report number 126.

The statistical outputs covered by the assessment were:

Assessment process

The assessment process aimed to:

  • communicate the extent of compliance with the code to Parliament and the public
  • help the producers of official statistics to enhance the quality of the statistical service over a period of time.

The assessment determined that it is appropriate for the statistics to be designated as national statistics. Designation as national statistics means that the statistics comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and can be interpreted to mean that the statistics:

  • meet identified user needs
  • are produced, managed and disseminated to high standards
  • are explained well.

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