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UK vessel lists 2014

This page contains registered and licensed vessels over 10 metres and 10 metres and under.

The spreadsheets have details about the vessels including administrative port, home port, port letters and number, vessel name, Registry of Shipping and Seamen number and overall length. We are unable to include vessel owner details as this is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998. Find out more about public bodies’ legal obligations under the act.

Release dates

The vessel lists will be released on the 5th of each month or the next working day if the 5th is a bank holiday or weekend.

View lists from 1996 to 2013

Vessels over 10 metres
1 February (Excel 368 KB)
1 January (Excel 369 KB)
Vessels 10 metres and under
1 February (Excel 1.1 MB)
1 January (Excel 1.1 MB)

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