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Vessel licences

We issue and administer vessel licences that all UK fishing vessels are required to have in order to fish for profit. Fishing licences can be transferred subject to existing licensing rules.

To apply for a fishing vessel licence, please:

Before applying for your licence

All commercial UK fishing vessels need to be registered with the Registry of Shipping and Seamen, which is part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency based in Cardiff. To find out more about registering your fishing vessel, please visit the Registry of Shipping and Seamen website.

Electronic licence variations

We advised the fishing industry of new arrangements for issuing fishing vessel licence variations in April 2012. We advised that "A variation will be considered as being received when it is published on our website and you will be required, as part of your licence conditions, to check our website on a weekly basis, with Fridays the suggested day, for notifications relating to your licence".

Since then it has proved beneficial for industry that we also place variations on our website on other days. That way quota increases and opening of sea areas to industry can be fished early.

We offer licence holders the option of providing us with up to two emails and/or mobile phones numbers so we could send out an alert to you whenever your licence has been varied. However, for legal reason as stated in the Sea Fishing (Licence and Notices) (England) Regulations 2012 it remains your responsibility to check what fishing opportunities you may have before going out to sea.

Please contact your local MMO marine office if you have further questions.

Over 10 metre sea fishing licence 2013 to 2015

All over 10 metre sea fishing licences have been renewed for the period of 2013 to 2015. This includes new conditions, schedules and annexes for all licence types. The new licence supersedes all licences previously held. Please read the notice to owners and masters (PDF 52 KB).

All pelagic licence types have been consolidated into one category. This affects licence types:

  • Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers' Organisation 131 which is now 171
  • Intrafish Fish Producers' Organisation 1325, 1425 and 1625 which are all now 1725
  • North Atlantic Fish Producers' Organisation 1426 which is now 1726
  • Northern Ireland Fish Producers' Organisation 137 which is now 177
  • South Western Fish Producers' Organisation 163 which is now 173



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