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Quotas are set to help achieve the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy for the conservation and sustainable management of fish stocks. Member states are responsible for ensuring that landings by their fishing fleets do not exceed their quotas. Because overfishing of quotas can endanger stocks, the EU deducts quota from any member state that overfishes and may also bring legal proceedings, with the possibility of substantial fines.

Quota meetings

Would you like to have a say in how the quota stocks in your area are managed? Are you aware that we regularly hold quota meetings around the coast?

If you want to talk about other fisheries other than those listed let us know. Extra stocks have been made available due to the quota surgeries such as North Sea turbot and brill, hake and mackerel.

If you are a member of a fishermen's association or organisation and would like us to come along and discuss quota issues in your area or if you cannot attend but would like to pass on your ideas please email or call 0300 123 1032. We value the opinions of the local fishing community and are always interested to hear how we can improve the information we provide.


We are holding meetings on 10, 11 and 12 March in Eastbourne, Portsmouth and Poole where you can reserve 1-hour slots to discuss fishing quota issues. Find out more about how to book a slot.

Fisheries at risk

We are working hard within our powers to continue to keep these fisheries open by actively seeking additional quota from a variety of sources. We may also have to explore reductions in monthly catch limits to prolong these fisheries.

Table showing different fisheries at risk
Update date Sector affected Fisheries at risk
30 December Under 10 metre No fisheries at risk
30 December Non-sector No fisheries at risk

Catch limits changes

See complete catch limits for under 10 metres and non-sector vessels that show catch limits for quota stocks that are subject to catch limits, or which vessels are entitled to catch.

Table showing recent updates to catch limits
Update date Sector Details
3 March Under 10 metre Mid-month change for March
26 Februrary Non-sector Changes for March


Contact information

Fisheries Management Team
Marine Management Organisation
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 0300 123 1032
Fax: 0191 376 2681
Email: fmc@

Catch limits

We produce limits for under 10 metre and non-sector vessels for quota stocks that are subject to catch limits, or which vessels are entitled to catch.

These limits may need to be revised during a month (either upwards or downwards) or fisheries closed depending on the level of uptake seen.

Catch limits are in tonnes and kilograms and are in live weight and relate to the maximum amount that may be caught and retained on board, landed or trans-shipped each calendar month, unless otherwise stated.

Further information

The annual UK Sea Fisheries Statistics document provides a broad picture of the UK fishing industry and its operations.