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The Statistics and Analysis Team manages, analyses and reports UK fisheries data to meet UK, EU and international reporting obligations and to support the development of policy. We deal with the following:

  • management, recording and provision of data on fishing activities, and responding to ad hoc requests for information
  • provision of analysis as required as an input into policy development across the full range of fisheries activities
  • management of effort control regimes in the UK
  • co-ordinate production of UK programmes of work and other reports under the Data Collection Framework, and UK responses to request for data under the regulations
  • calculation of and monitoring of uptake quota allocations each year.

Contact information

Statistics and Analysis Team
Marine Management Organisation
Area 8C
9 Millbank
c/o Nobel House
17 Smith Square

Tel: 020 7979 8573
Fax: 020 7270 8072
Email: statistics@