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Current and past real time closures (RTCs)

Offshore RTCs 424 to 432 will reopen at 23.59 on Friday 28 February 2014.

New offshore closures 433 to 441 are closed from 00.00 on Saturday 1 March until 23.59 on Monday 31 March 2014.

All closures in March are based on historical data and are compulsory for all UK vessels 10 metres and over using demersal trawls (including otter, beam and seines), fixed nets (including gill, entangling and trammel) and longlines.

All UK vessels under 10 metres using demersal trawls (including otter, beam and seines), fixed nets (including gill, entangling and trammel) and longlines are requested to comply with these closures to assist with the preservation and recovery of cod stocks.

Based on the recommendation of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, there are two seasonal closures to protect spawning cod, in place from 00.00 on 1 January 2014 until 23.59 on 30 April 2014.

Closures and coordinates for February 2014
Closure number From To (inclusive) ICES area Latitude/Longitude
MMO RTC 433 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 53'22.500'N 2'30.000'E
53'22.500'N 2'45.000'E
53'15.000'N 2'45.000'E
53'15.000'N 2'30.000'E
MMO RTC 434 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 53'07.500'N 2'15.000'E
53'07.500'N 2'30.000'E
53'00.000'N 2'30.000'E
53'00.000'N 2'15.000'E
MMO RTC 435 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 VIId 50'07.500'N 00'15.000'W
50'07.500'N 00'00.000'W
50'00.000'N 00'00.000'W
50'00.000'N 00'15.000'W
MMO RTC 436 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 51'30.000'N 2'00.000'E
51'30.000'N 2'15.000'E
51'22.500'N 2'15.000'E
51'22.500'N 2'00.000'E
MMO RTC 437 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVb 54'15.000'N 4'15.000'E
54'15.000'N 4'30.000'E
54'07.500'N 4'30.000'E
54'07.500'N 4'15.000'E
MMO RTC 438 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 52'45.000'N 2'45.000'E
52'45.000'N 3'00.000'E
52'37.500'N 3'00.000'E
52'37.500'N 2'45.000'E
MMO RTC 439 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 52'00.000'N 2'00.000'E
52'00.000'N 2'15.000'E
51'52.500'N 2'15.000'E
51'52.500'N 2'00.000'E
MMO RTC 440 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVb 54'07.500'N 1'45.000'E
54'07.500'N 2'00.000'E
54'00.000'N 2'00.000'E
54'00.000'N 1'45.000'E
MMO RTC 441 1/3/2014 31/3/2014 IVc 53'15.000'N 3'00.000'E
53'15.000'N 3'15.000'E
53'07.500'N 3'15.000'E
53'07.500'N 3'00.000'E
Seasonal closure 1 1/1/2014 30/4/2014 IVc 52'41.000'N 003'18.000'E
Circle of 10 nautical miles from this point
Seasonal closure 2 1/1/2014 30/4/2014 IVc 52'10.500'N 002'50.750'E
Circle of 10 nautical miles from this point

Contact information

Operations and Enforcement
Marine Management Organisation
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 376 2647
Fax: 0191 376 2501
Email: ops@


Read the real time closures flowchart (PDF 23 KB) to see explanations of each of the four types of real time closure including:

  • trigger levels
  • sample sizes
  • duration of closure
  • size of closure.

This document is in the portable document format (PDF) for downloading. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from

Further information

The Marine Management Organisation administers closures in the Eastern Channel and North Sea south of 56 degrees north, (approximately) and Marine Scotland administers closures north of this.