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Quota use statistics

The level of catches and landings of key quota species are monitored throughout the year through a series of weekly and monthly spreadsheets. The management of these quotas is through a system of allocation to various fishermen’s producer organisations.

Release dates

We release updated statistics every Wednesday. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets will be released by email on Wednesday afternoon with files available for download from this page from Thursday morning. If you would like to be included in the weekly email circulation list, please contact

The latest set of UK quota management spreadsheets is available below, showing uptake of fish catches by each producer organisation against their allocations for the year. The latest figures for the vessels in the Ramsgate under 10 metre group are also below.

Landing figures for Area VII and the Area IV and VI spreadsheets now include landings which have been entred by the ports, but which have yet to be validated. These landings will be excluded from pox checks.

Statistics for 2014 (last updated 26 February)

Contact information

Statistics and Analysis Team
Marine Management Organisation
Area 8C
9 Millbank
c/o Nobel House
17 Smith Square

Tel: 020 7979 8573
Fax: 020 7270 8072
Email: statistics@

Help with documents

Some of these documents are in the portable document format (PDF) for downloading. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from