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Sustainable development indicators for Wales »

New sustainable development indicators for Wales report progress on the commitment to sustainable development as the central organising principle of the Welsh Government, showing improvement in 19 of 44 areas.

Defra invites feedback on developing new indicators »

Defra is developing new sustainable development indicators to meet the Government's commitments to sustainable development and is seeking feedback on priority indicators, additions and improvements by 19 September 2011.

National Statistician reflects on the National Well-being Debate »

National Statistician Jil Matheson has published her reflections on the National Well-being Debate, part of the Office of National Statistics' programme to develop measures of national well-being and progress.

Statistical releases: wellbeing and life satisfaction; attitudes to the natural environment »

Statistical releases from Defra, based on findings of the 2011 survey of public attitudes and behaviours towards the environment, focus on life satisfaction and public understanding of biodiversity and the natural environment.

Assessing biodiversity in Europe – the 2010 report »

The European Environment Agency’s new report considers the status and trends of European biodiversity in a range of ecosystems, and the implications for biodiversity management policy and practice.

Measuring progress: sustainable development indicators 2010 »

Updated economic, social and environmental indicators provide a statistical overview of the country’s progress on sustainable development. The indicators cover topics of everyday concern, from health to our environment.

Life satisfaction in England: new wellbeing statistics »

A new overview of wellbeing in England finds little change in average life satisfaction, at 7.5 out of 10, but increases in satisfaction with day to day activities, health, leisure, ability to influence one's life and achievement of goals.

Sustainable development statisticians share know-how »

Sustainable development is a global challenge and sharing experiences with countries is an important part of international sustainable development. Defra statisticians have been sharing their SD indicator experience with officials from overseas governments.

New indicators on regional progress towards sustainable development »

New indicators covering 46 measures of regional progress towards sustainable development have been published by government statisticians in Defra, showing the highs and lows for each of the English regions.