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Please note: This site has been superseded and is no longer maintained. The content of this site was archived following the definite WebTAG release in January 2014. Users should use the restructured WebTAG guidance on GOV.UK.

Transport Analysis Guidance - WebTAG

This is the Department for Transport’s website for guidance on the conduct of transport studies. The guidance includes or provides links to advice on how to:

  • set objectives and identify problems;
  • develop potential solutions;
  • create a transport model for the appraisal of the alternative solutions;
  • and how to conduct an appraisal which meets the Department’s requirements.

The website also includes advice on the modelling and appraisal appropriate for major highway and public transport schemes.

The guidance should be seen as a requirement for all projects/studies that require government approval. For projects/studies that do not require government approval TAG should serve as a best practice guide.

The site originally brought together the Department's existing documents, The Guidance on the Methodology for Multi-Modal Studies (GOMMMS) and associated supplements and errata, Applying the Multi-Modal Approach to Appraisal to Highway Schemes (The Bridging Document) and Major Scheme Appraisal in Local Transport Plans. The material on this site supersedes these documents.

The Department will release all future updates of guidance via this site and will aim to incorporate other relevant documents when the opportunity arises. When this occurs, the material on this site will supersede those documents.

For an overview of Transport Analysis see TAG Unit 1.1: Introduction to Transport Analysis.

Updated: January 2014