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Official Documents

Official Documents is the official reference facility for Command and departmentally sponsored House of Commons Papers. All Command Papers and House of Commons Papers published from May 2005 onwards, as well as key Departmental papers, are available for free on the site in PDF format.

All documents can be viewed online and printed out. You can also search for documents to quickly find what you are looking for.

Printed copies of reports found on this site can be bought from TSO's Parliamentary and Legal bookshop.

Information regarding the copyright of the documents on this site may be found here.

This site contains a full listing of Command Papers and House of Commons Papers (HCPs) from 17 May 2005 to the present.

A selection of papers published before 17 May 2005 can be accessed here. If you are unable to locate a paper published before this date on this site please contact TSO Bookshop or check with a Legal Deposit library such as the British Library.

Official Documents is supplied by TSO under contract to Her Majesty's Stationery Office, part of The National Archives, the UK government's official archive.