Research areas & projects

Hogarth, Detail from A Rake's progress
A major new AHRC-funded five-year research project on the British Board of Longitude, led by Professor Simon Schaffer and Dr Richard Dunn.
John Speed map detail
The Centre supports research on the Museum's imperial and maritime collections, and seeks to engage a wider audience...
Study by van de Velde
This two-year funded project involves a systematic condition survey which will be completed in April 2012 and will inform the future...
boriginal Canoes Communicating with the 'Monarch' and the 'Tom Tough', 28 August 1855; John Thomas Baines (detail)
The Centre will support research into the Museum’s extensive, primarily paper collections relating to this area and provide a forum for...
Englands Famous Discoverers cropped
An exciting output of our recent conference is the formation of a group of scholars to discuss preparation of a new edition of Richard...
Ship's biscuit
The research project investigated how the Royal Navy fed itself during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1793–1815.
The National Maritime Museum holds information relating to over 20,000 British warships from about 1500 to 1950.