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Business Plans: track progress in implementing our policies

These are the Government’s Business Plans for each department. They set out:

  • Coalition Priorities
  • Key policy and implementation actions for the remainder of this Parliament
  • Expenditure for each remaining year of this Spending Review period
  • Other departmental data, including an organogram, input and impact indicators and a section on Open Data.

You can use this site to track the Government’s progress in implementing the actions set out in the Business Plans. The graphs provide an overview of implementation progress across the full set of actions.

Click on a department to see its Business Plan commitments in full and their current status.

Current status of actions

Actions completed on time

Actions completed last month

Department for Transport
5.1.iv. Commence delivery of the new Pinchpoint Programme of smaller schemes to address bottlenecks and keep traffic moving on England’s motorways and major A roads
Department for Transport
5.2.i. Develop the case for the reform of the road network
Department for Transport
8.4.i. Support the Technology Strategy Board (BIS) to establish a ‘catapult’ technology and innovation centre for transport systems to transform the UK’s capability for transport innovation and help drive future economic growth
Department for Work and Pensions
1.8.ii. Publish data on average benefit savings achieved in relation to individuals who have been on the Work Programme for 24 months
Department of Health
3.1.i. Develop a new pricing process and introduce it for new branded medicines after the end of the current Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme in 2013, while developing a successor to the PPRS for existing branded medicines
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
2.3.v. Promote effective implementation of the outcomes of the December 2011 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Conference and the April 2013 Chemical Weapons Convention Review Conference
Home Office
2.3.ii. Implement the Scrap Metal Dealers Act and work with industry and others to increase resilience to theft
Home Office
3.6.v. Create a statutory presumption that after 6 months EEA nationals can no longer retain their right to reside as job seekers or retained workers and continue to claim benefits, unless they can demonstrate they are actively seeking work and have a genuine chance of being engaged, working with Department for Work and Pensions
Ministry of Justice
7.3.i. Protect free speech by enacting the Defamation Bill and relevant secondary legislation

Actions to be completed this month

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
2.5.i. Approve a second wave of projects
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
3.5.i. Complete the contracting for Round 4 of the Regional Growth Fund
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
1.11.ii. Incentivise the creation of endowments in the cultural sector
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
3.1.iii. Announce whether further licences should be granted, following a review of the pilots and the report of an independent panel
Department of Energy and Climate Change
2.1.i. Publish first Green Deal Annual Report as part of our ongoing monitoring of the Green Deal’s impact on the energy efficiency market
Department of Energy and Climate Change
2.3.ii. Inform Ofgem of energy suppliers’ obligations under the Warm Home Discount to provide support for fuel poor households not in the Core Group
Her Majesty's Treasury
3.1.i. Secure Royal Assent of the Financial Services (Banking Reform Bill) 2012-13
Her Majesty's Treasury
3.2.i. Introduce any necessary amendments to legislation arising out of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards
Ministry of Defence
3.1.iii. Submit proposition for future DE&S Organisation Design having received and considered final tenders
Ministry of Justice
5.1.ii. Implement proposals to increase the utilisation of courts and tribunals to ensure capacity is aligned to workload
Ministry of Justice
5.3.iii. Implement legislation to put restorative justice on a statutory footing