Equality Scheme

NMM Equality Plan, 2010–2012

The NMM's Equality Plan is a strategic and timetabled action plan that states the Museum’s approach to diversity. The Plan covers the period April 2010–November 2012. It provides the essential framework for promoting equality across the NMM, and for making a positive and lasting difference to the experiences of our staff and visitors.

The NMM already has a legal duty to produce equality schemes for disability and gender. It is also required to comply with the employment duty for race equality. The Equality Plan incorporates the Museum’s existing Disability and Gender Equality Schemes which were established in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

It is our intention that the Plan should be revised and updated on a regular basis to comply with equality legislation and serve as a benchmark to measure our progress. The Equality Bill received Royal Assent on 8 April 2010 and is timetabled to have the integrated public sector equality duty likely to come into force in April 2011.