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You can find the documents accompanying the Secretary of State’s announcement in January 2012 on the Department for Transport website.

Important points to note when using this website

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Use of Editor's notes
  3. Requesting a User ID
  4. Download of documents

Confidentiality: The consultation responses listed on this website are the organisation responses listed in Appendix 2 of the Consultation Summary Report, the Appendices of the Addendum reports and the response forms from members of the public and local/regional businesses that were not marked as 'confidential'.

The analysis provided in the Consultation Summary Report, the Addendum report, and in the Addendum 2 report includes both confidential and non-confidential responses.

In each case, only organisation names are listed alongside a response. This website does not display the contact details for a respondent unless they have self declared within their response.

Use of Editor's notes: The text of consultation responses received by post have been transcribed as far as possible against the corresponding question. There are a small number of cases where the response was transcribed wholly into a further comments section. Where there are elements of a response that have not been transcribed this is indicated with an Editor's note and, on occasion, there are links to pdf's with the additional information.

Requesting a User ID: This website displays all the non-confidential organisation responses and individual responses that were submitted via a consultation response form or the consultation website.

The search function allows users to search for an organisation by name and for an individual response by User ID. The non-organisation responses are anonymously listed by User ID for data protection reasons and redactions have been made to conceal any personal information.

If you submitted a response via a consultation response form or via the consultation website and would like to view your response online then please email HS2 Public Enquiries on hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. You need to provide your full name along with your address (if your response was submitted via post) or email address (if your response was submitted online) so that your response can be verified by HS2 Ltd. You will then be provided with a User ID number to use on the website.

Please note: If you did not submit your response via a consultation response form or via the consultation website then it will not be published on the website. This is because these means of responding provided the opportunity to request confidentiality.

Download of documents: All downloadable documents on this engagement website are pdf files. To open these files you need Adobe Reader, which you can download and install for free (opens in a new tab/window).

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