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Research Reviews: Making Connections

Life scientists and physical scientists face many of the same challenges when studying cognitive systems, living and artificial even though they work in very different areas with different techniques. When the two sciences came together in the early planning of the Foresight Cognitive Systems Project they found themselves using many of the same terms, sometimes, but not always, in the same way, to describe the challenges that they face in their research. Representation, action, planning, learning and memory - these concepts were common between the different approaches to research in cognitive systems.

This was an important clue in deciding the shape of the Foresight project. It helped to highlight which areas of research to review and present to the wider research community.

The project commissioned a series of Research Reviews so that people in the life sciences could read about the issues in cognitive systems that interested researchers in the physical sciences, and vice versa. Thus these are not conventional reviews of the state of the art. They take a broader view of their subjects and try to make connections between the different disciplines that are involved in research into cognitive systems.

Life sciences

Physical sciences

How to design a cognitive system
Cognitive systems in touch with the world
Cognitive systems in action

We are also interested in the extent to which new techniques from the physical sciences can advance cognitive systems research in the life sciences. To help us to understand the current state of the art, we commissioned a review of the technologies, usually based on physical sciences, that are changing the shape of research in the neurosciences.

These documents were the starting points for major workshops in London and Oxford. The authors of some reports are revising their Research Reviews in the light of those events. We will post updated versions as they become available. 

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