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Reports and publications

Project reports

food and farming imageThe Foresight project Global Food and Farming Futures final report and executive summary provide an overview of the evidence and discuss the challenges and choices for policy makers and others whose interests relate to all aspects of the global food system.

Executive summary (PDF, 3.4 Mb) 


Final report (PDF, 8.9 Mb) 

Action plan (PDF, 1.2 Mb) 

The Future of Food and Farming: Implications for China (PDF, 1.4 Mb) 

Evidence base

13 synthesis reports are grouped around the five key future challenges and provide detailed analysis around the project’s robust scientific evidence base.

Assessment of future challenges


Challenge A: Sustainable supply and demand


Challenge B: Volatility


Challenge C: Hunger


Challenge D: Climate change mitigation

Challenge E: Maintaining biodiversity

Driver reviews

Driver reviews examining changes and stresses on the global food system out to 2050. They were originally published in September 2010 in the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions journal.

Regional reviews

Regional reviews exploring a particular issue using a region or country as an exemplar.

Additional reviews, working papers and workshop reports provide additional evidence.

Additional reviews

State of science reviews

State of science reviews exploring current and future developments in science in fields relevant to the global food system. A selection of these papers are published as separate supplements in the Journal of Agricultural Science (Volume 14, Supplement 1, 2011) and the journal Food Policy. Please visit theJournal of Agricultural ScienceandFood Policy to review these supplements.

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