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Reports and publications

Project report

The Foresight report International Dimensions of Climate Change provides an overview of the evidence of threats and opportunities to the UK from international climate change, and considers how these may be considered by policymakers to ensure the UK is able to remain competitive, secure and able to protect the wellbeing of the nation.

Evidence base

There are nine commissioned reviews and seven think-pieces to support the main report:

International Dimensions of Climate Change special issue journal publication notice

The Foresight International Dimensions of Climate Change project findings were published on 11th July 2011, which examined the risks and opportunities the UK will face in a world shaped by climate change.

The underpinning research for the project has now been published in Climate Policy Journal, Volume 12, Supplement 01: The articles for this Special Issue were re-written and expanded by the authors for an international audience and then independently refereed.

Although the focus of the research presented in the journal is to understand how the impacts of climate change in other places will impact upon the UK, the questions, processes and initial findings have international significance and provide insights for other countries. The most significant indirect climate change impacts are likely to be felt through the international transmission mechanisms of trade, finance, security, migration and global health. The increasing interdependence of economies in the 21st century implies that there are significant threats to the UK and other nations from large global disturbances in addition to the impacts we expect from direct changes to our own climates.

The Special Issue highlights the multiple layers of complexity and uncertainty relating to changes in the global climate. Perhaps the most important policy message is the one that originally motivated the Foresight IDCC report and that underpins the articles in this Special Issue: climate change is an international issue.

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