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Cancel before minimum contract

A customer called us up saying that he was thinking about cancelling his TV satellite contract. He just bought the service over the phone two months ago and his contract clearly shows that he is bound to the contract for a minimum of three months. Also, I'm sure our sales rep would have gone through these details with him on the phone as well. Does he have any rights here? Am I required to do anything more?

When cancellation rights do not apply

It seems like these types of regulations are always in favour of customers, particularly when it comes to cancellation. Are there any instances where customers actually do not have the right to cancel?

Return item in poor condition

A customer purchased a brand new toaster from us online. A few days after receiving the toaster, they sent it back to us for a full refund because it did not fit in its intended location on their kitchen counter. We just received the toaster back from them today and it looks like it has been through a war. There are a number dents and markings that definitely were not there when we sent it out, and all of them couldn't possibly have happened during shipping. There is no way that we will be able to resell it. Do we still have to give the customer a full refund?