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Refund for delivery charges

We are a small online company that specialises in eclectic furniture sales. Since the delivery of our furniture can often be quite costly, our contracts indicate that we do not refund the customer the delivery charge when they cancel an order after delivery. Our long standing customers have not had an issue with this at all. Recently, a new customer demanded that they receive a full refund for the cancelled order, including the delivery charge. When I reminded them of the terms and conditions that they agreed to when signing the contract, they still wanted the refund.

Free gifts received with purchase


We’ve decided to provide our customers with a free gift when they purchase from us online. Right now we are developing the terms and conditions for this promotion. I want to ensure that if a customer cancels their order, they are obligated to return the free gift as well as the purchased item. Is this covered under the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs) at all? What should I do?


Refund but not returned item

A customer cancelled their order over a month ago and they haven’t returned the goods. Their contract clearly states that any cancelled orders must be returned to us and we state how this can be done. We have a number of drop-off locations and they often have the option to send it to us via Royal Mail. This customer is refusing to send the goods back and is saying that it is no longer their responsibility because they cancelled the order. They really just can't be bothered, yet they still want a refund. Are they allowed to do this?