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Information to provide when cold calling

I'm in media sales and, today, I closed five out of the seven cold calls I made. It was a good day until one of the clients phoned me back to cancel her  order. She said that she wants me to provide her with more information and a few days to discuss it with her husband. All of the pre-contract information we provide during our cold calls is very standard. We include important details such as: our full address, pricing, delivery costs, payment options, contract duration, etc. Can you let me know what else I am legally required to provide her with?

Information I must provide my phone customers

We provide our customers with a variety of ways of ordering. Those who want to purchase our products over the phone are charged a small fee through use of a premiumrate phone number, while all other options, including online ordering, provide no additional cost to the customer. Under the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs), what pre-contractual information do I have to provide to my phone customers versus online customers?

Occasional distance seller

I've been cleaning carpets for 30 years. I've built up a good reputation so I typically show up, do the job and get paid there and then in cash. My son recently suggested that I just take a deposit over the phone when confirming a job. I doubt many of my clients will prefer this option so, before I even start this process, can you let me know if I need to apply the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs)?